Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Bush Legacy

If you're like me, you probably spend at least a couple minutes a day holding your breath and hoping that George Bush doesn't start some distraction somewhere to take people's minds from his colossal failure as President. He has trashed the Constitution, tortured prisoners like some third world tyrant, destroyed the economy by putting all the tax burden on the poor and the working class, created the largest housing scandal since his father and brother enriched themselves on the previous housing scandal, allowed incompetent and unethical slimebag thieves to steal everything that wasn't nailed down, revived Fascist ideology in a way not seen since his grandfather kissed Nazi ass in order to make a few bucks, let a city die so his cronies could move in and build beachfront property to line their own pockets at the expense of those Katrina displaced, and collaborated with oil companies to murder and maim thousands of Americans and Iraqis to make himself and his immoral cronies even richer.

I could go on, but the list of his crimes against the world and against his own country is so long that it would take me days to list them all. Many have sardonically suggested that his memorial library contain comic books with blood and oil dripping from them. Others have suggested hauling him in front of a war crimes tribunal and then placing him before a firing squad--the traditional end to petty tyrants who cause mass death and misery to line their own pockets.

But that's all too far in the future and it will take years to pin the bastard down and chop the legs off accomplices he paid to protect him from his crimes. His escape to Paraguay where he purchased some getaway property, just as the Nazi war criminals did at the end of World War II, may be delayed due to the will of the people there electing a leader whose politics no longer guarantee a safe haven for thugs like Bush. I have hope he will eventually have to pay for his crimes because they are world wide and war criminals are usually hunted down by more ethical countries than the USA. But for the time being let's give him a truly fitting memorial to the disaster his Presidency will be remembered as and help name a sewage plant for him.

There's a movement to get the following initiative on the ballot in California. "Should The City And County of San Francisco Rename The Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant the George W Bush Sewage Plant?"

And help spread the word. My friend Jimi and I have made some designs to help spread the word. Get a few buttons and pass them around. Buy some stickers. Put a poster in your window. Let's help get George W. Bush the recognition he deserves. Just click on the image to go the shops that sell everything you need to get the word out.

And if you have your own products and websites devoted to this cause, do feel free to post links and photos in the comment section to help spread the word.

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