Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Who Bush Thinks He Is

I finally figured out who Bush "sees" himself as--one of those crazy televangelists. He's watched too damned much tv and one of them snuck in, sucked out all his gray matter, and inserted Reverend Dubya, put on earth to save YOU! I've read in several places that the Grahams of tv preacherdom and walmart style church baptisms are the ones who brought him to his knees, along with thousands of other ill-educated, bigoted, Bible-thumping morons who are now considered foreign policy experts. That's "experts," as in their limited little pea brains had some poetic metaphor from the Bible read to them and interpreted for them as some sign the world was coming to an end.

What those poor fools stuck somewhere in the middle of the evolutionary process between pond scum and prehensile tails fail to understand is that they are the ones creating the end of the world. It's not some them. It is THEM with their crazy talk of nukes and big old bombs and devils hiding in the ground way beneath the earth. I cannot imagine anything more destructive and dangerous than a bunch of unevolved, dumb, jingoistic, goose-stepping, lacking in cranial capacity idiots put in charge of things like nukes. Now THAT'S what scares ME.

But Bush, like the preaching fool that he is, is on the campaign of fear trail for Jesus, who apparently favors the Republican party. He is spreading stories of demons, devils, ghosties, ghoulies, evil-doers, and other residents of his own personal hell. He is shouting from the pulpit that we must believe or we will fry in the hellfire of people with names he can't pronounce. He is threatening our eternal damnation if we don't vote Republican. He is prophesizing the end of the world without telling us he is the one with his finger on the nuclear trigger. And like all good for nothing televangelists, he is picking our pockets in the name of salvation.

If there is such thing as a god, I'm sure that he, she, or it will be profoundly pissed at those like Bush who use fear and oppression to crush the unbelievers in god's name.


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