Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Are You Scared Yet?

Do you know what a dying beast does? It puffs itself up with one last gasping breath and snarls threateningly in an attempt to overcome its enemy by fear because it has nothing left to fight with. It huffs, puffs, gasps, accuses, belittles, intimidates, scares the crap out of, digs up past enemies in an attempt to distract you from its death throes, and it won't stop until you are quivering in fear in your hole in the ground. Remember that hole in the ground? The one with all the duct tape and rolls of plastic? That hole. That's the one it hopes you crawl into so you won't notice it is all bluff and bullshit.

This is Bushco now. It will stop at nothing to scare people because that is all it has to run on. Fear is the Republican platform. Fear is the Republican agenda. Fear is all it has and it hopes you buy into it because if you don't, then there is nothing. They can't run on getting Osama because they didn't. They can't run on protecting us at home because Katrina proved they had no interest in doing so. They can't run on lowering your taxes because unless you are wealthy, you didn't get a tax break. They can't run on honor and integrity because they've stolen, cheated, betrayed, committed treasonous acts for revenge and personal enrichment. They can't run on the economy because the housing market is going to hell, gas prices are insane, and people go to work sick because they can't afford to take a day off, even if they did have health insurance--which most don't. They can't run on freedom because we have less civil rights now than ever before. They can't run on tolerance because their agenda was to create hatred and division. They can't run on Democracy because that's for other countries. They can't run on education because teachers have to buy school supplies from their own pockets. They can't run on peace because their whole reign has been to make war on anyone and anything in order to destroy our rights under the guise of "being at war." They can't run on honesty because they have lied about everything and everyone since they first soiled the government they lied and cheated to take over. They have nothing but fear.

So listen carefully to the hatemongers on right-wing radio. Watch for the too slick message packaged in nice neat little bundles of propaganda when you turn on the TV. Watch who they attack, what they say, and why. Know it for the distraction, the lie, the diversion it truly is. Nothing this administration says or does is honest, truthful, or ethical. They will stop at nothing to keep power because the minute they lose it their next term will be behind bars.

That makes them very very dangerous. Pay close attention. Take nothing at face value. Their corporate handles will not let you kill their golden goose very easily. Know your enemy, your true enemy, and the fear tactics will roll off you like the shit it is.

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