Thursday, February 02, 2006

Love is a warm Kitty

I'm often surprised they haven't come for me yet. Or maybe the last few years of Bushit have so blurred the line between reality and hallucinations that we all walk around in an extended state of WTF about everything and everyone. I do believe that is what is called being close to godliness, right? And as an Atheist who believes that nature made me, I have to agree that we all come back as something, specifically...fertilizer of the kind that grows fantastic roses. If we must have a purpose, let it be that.

And I'm convinced that we are living and breathing everyone who every lived, and that our fate is to become what they are: dust mites. It is the only reason that dust mites persist, no matter how much we try and get rid of them. And the very evolved, the truly deserving of benefitting from something called the afterlife, why, that would be cockroaches. When I gaze into the eyes of a cockroach, I just know I am gazing into the eyes of god. And I can't help but wonder, how did we go so wrong?


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