Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Obama

This lifelong night person is tired from getting up so early to watch the Inauguration, drained from all the tears of joy, relief, and sense of awe, and still I can't get enough. I've been dancing around the internet tubes to try and take in as much as I can and there were several times that I lost it and just starting sobbing. One of the images was of people in Kenya celebrating:

(AP Photo/Sayyid Azim)

and the other was this row of TV's in a store window in Palestine.

(Associated Press)

To me, these two images are the essence of what this election is all about and the most heart-wrenching.

But then there are these:

(AP Photo//Sayyid Azim)

Kenyans say goodbye to Bush by throwing their shoes at the TV.

(Associated Press)

I think Bush should have this one on his front lawn.

But this one from Cake Wrecks with the crotch-grabbing, cigarette smoking (or flipping someone off?)
Obama just says it all, whatever the all is they meant to say.

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