Thursday, October 09, 2008

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I lost my first friend to Breast Cancer almost ten years ago, and I lost the latest one just last month. In between there were several more, all remarkable women whose passing left big holes in my life and in the lives of many people. I think of the art that won't be created anymore, the music that won't be written and performed, the words that died with them, and mixed with the sadness is an anger and disappointment that we can spend billions of dollars on finding new and more gruesome ways of killing people, and so little to save people dying from this horrible disease. Yes, I know that men also get Breast Cancer, but the numbers are far fewer and I can't help wonder at times if maybe there'd be more money devoted to finding a cure if it wasn't overwhelmingly women who are dying.

Of course, you're welcome to prove me wrong. You're welcome to donate and prove that you do think this is a disease that affects everyone for a very simple reason: the survivors women leave behind. They aren't just women. They are husbands, fathers, sons, brothers and friends. It is a disease that affects us all and we need to do something now, not when it's an epidemic killing those we love and cherish. Here's a link to find out more and to donate: Susan G. Komen foundation

Also, several months I made some designs to raise awareness of the disease. I've learned through the years that words are not as effective as an image. I designed this bag for myself and it gives me a chance to encourage people to donate because it puts a face on the disease, it allows me to tell them about my friends who died from Breast Cancer and also those who are fighting it, who have survived it. This gives people a story behind their donation, and it lets them know that Breast Cancer itself is not a death sentence, but it can become one if we don't work to fund a cure. Find a way to make a visual statement to go with your own words and maybe we can defeat this disease in my lifetime.

Canvas tote bag can be purchased at Strong Woman

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