Saturday, November 17, 2007

If you're wondering how gradients come out printed by Cafepress, here's two examples from my own collection. Both are from my Ursine Logic store.

The first one is to show how the printing holds up through multiple washes. And the image is not as fuzzy as it appears in the photo. It's actually quite sharp. I took the photo inside my office with the shirt draped over a chair and didn't want to have too much light because I wanted to show the vibrancy of the colors and how well they've held up. This design is on a dark blue t-shirt that I bought over a year ago when they first came out at Cafepress, and it has been washed over thirty times. Here is what it looks like on the store page Peacemonger Shirt

Here is one I just ordered as a gift. It hasn't been washed yet and the colors are even nicer and more vibrant than the pic. They're very very close to the online image peace love happiness t-shirt
All in all, I'm quite pleased. The only issues I've had is sizing issues. If you order plus sizes, make sure you order a couple sizes up from your usual because they run small. The women's dark shirts however run really large. The good news is that Cafepress will immediately send a replacement for anything that doesn't fit at no cost to you.

And for the next couple days, Cafepress is running a free shipping special on orders over 75.00 so if you're looking for some cool presents, do check out my stores. You can find all of them listed, along with my other Print On Demand stores at both Ursine Logic and Heartfollowers.

I also have links to some of my friends and family's Cafepress stores. Do check them out at well.

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