Friday, July 20, 2007

Wake Up America!

While America sleeps, Bush finds new and more odious ways to use the Constitution as toilet paper. You don't have to be a lawyer to see that with the appalling lack of ethics and disregard for the rule of law, this latest signing statement can easily be used against those who protest against the war or any of Bushco's war. And as someone who sells t-shirts and other designs that call for our immediate withdrawal from Iraq and "undermines" our reasons for being there by calling them the lies that they are, I can be perceived by these sick fucking Fascists in the white house as being an economical criminal working against the war machine.

Unless you want to stand with me in one of Bushco's future Kangaroo courts, phone, write, email your Congressional representative NOW. I've made up some cards for you to send. You can now buy individual greeting cards, although I encourage you to buy a package of postcards and pass them out to friends and family to send as well. You can bet the war machine's minions are making noise FOR this piece of crap signing statement. Twenty years from now are you going to pretend to your children and grandchildren that you just didn't know what was going on or you would have spoken up? One of my dear friends took her own life a few years ago when she found out her father was a complicit in the death of "political prisoners" in Nazi Germany. Will this be your children's fate? Your grandchildren? Speak up now while you still have a voice.

Bush's latest signing statement

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