Wednesday, January 10, 2007

About those Freeloaders...

One of the many things I enjoy about being a Cafepress Shopkeeper is the community that congregates on the forum boards. We talk about how good or bad our days and sales are going. We encourage and support each other. We share our births, illnesses, dysfunctional families and relationships. In the year I've been there I've learned so much and made some wonderful
friends from all over the world.

There's a section of the forum where we can chit chat about anything.During one of these conversations one of the shopkeepers described how she packed up her cheating man's stuff in black garbage bags and set them outside. Of course we had to run with this. Thus was born the Freeloader thread and the following designs.

Do check out the various shops and bookmark them for future birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. I can vouch that your money goes to support some really nice people who are raising families, growing themselves as individuals with new confidence and skills, and creating original art that you will not find anywhere else.

Freeloader Plastic Garbage Bag Luggage

Ornament --11.99

This design is from Ursine Logic

This is what the designer has to say:

Has that unwanted house guest started to stink yet? Have they ignored all your invitations to move on? Instead of using a regular garbage bag to throw their stuff to the curb, get designer on them! Text says: For those whose welcome ends up bagged and tossed to the curb.

The Freeloader insult shirt Ash Grey T-Shirt

This design is from The Eclectically Incorrect Shop

This is what the designer has to say: Can't get rid of that bum? Give 'em a gift and shame them out the door. Or, just quit cooking with cheese.

FREELOADER Value T-shirt


This design is from Scott Designs

This is what the designer has to say: Heal thyself...kick the freeloader to the curb!

Freeloader White T-Shirt


This design is from Evil Genius Comics, T-shirts and Gifts

This is what the designer has to say: Broken heart and garbage bags full of his things with caption: My valentine's day gift to my freeloading boyfriend: his stuff by the curb and the locks changed!

Freeloader Spider Baseball Jersey


This design is from Circus Valley - Funny T-shirts

This is what the designer has to say: Spiders do help us get rid of pesty insects. Why not give your freeloading friend or relative this not so friendly hint. Text: FREELOADER at the back of shirts.

Ash Grey T-Shirt


This design is from missingnebraska

This is what the designer has to say: From Western Nebraska, I'm having a ball at cafepress. I've learned a lot, made a little money and a bunch of great friends. Humor is my main venue, as I think we all need to laugh more

Funny Freeloader Design Dark T-Shirt


This design is from The Hot Tees

This is what the designer has to say: Are you living with a freeloader? Have all of your hints fallen on deaf ears? Tired of finding an empty refrigerator.... a messy house.... cigarette butts ground into the carpet... a lazy freeloader lying on the couch watching "Dr. Phil"... It's time to take a stand!

Wear this tee and let them know the party's over.... Garbage can in the middle of this design with text that says, "Get The Hell Out Or I'm Packing The Freeloader Suitcases!"

And do check out the comments because I've invited the other shopkeepers who made "Freeloader" designs to post them in the comments section if they missed out getting them in the actual post.


janelle said...

Great stuff everyone!

Kayecee said...

Hey thanks for featuring my design from
The Hot Tees!

We've all had a blast doing them. It's really ironic that we discussed the very problem that Dr. Phil featured yesterday. Hmmmm..... maybe he's been reading our boards.... LOL

I'll give ya a link from my blog as soon as I get home. Thanks!

scott designs said...

Hey was fun!