Sunday, March 05, 2006

Pity The Emotional Cowards Before They Eat Us Too

I am always astonished at people's unwillingness to think about anything difficult. By difficult I mean anything that will require them to set aside what they already believe for the possibility of believing something else. In other words, to admit that maybe, just maybe, what they've spent a lifetime putting together is wrong.

Most people feel it took so much time to accumulate those bits and pieces of experience, much as some savage creature puts together a pile of debris left over from various kills, that they have nothing left to start over. They might as well say their brain is full, that nothing else can be shoved in there. They might as well say that the heart has reached its limit and never again can it feel the foolish empowerment of love. They might as well say they are only half alive and waiting for something to fall from the skies and put them out of misery forever.

They can say all that, but yet, they cannot see the truth of what they believe: if it can no longer be eaten with a wild and savage hunger, if it no longer feeds you heart and soul, if it no longer makes you stop in the middle of what you were doing and say huhhhh...then maybe it is of no more value than that pile of wild animal debris.

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