Friday, May 16, 2008

Bush and Hitler

I'm not one to let myself get overly upset with politics. I usually say my piece and move on with a minimum of tissue damage to myself and others. Politics just ain't worth the pain. But today was different. Today I watched the height of the Bush Hypocrisy movement cross the line in the sand that says hey idiot if you cross this, you're a bigger hypocrite than any of us ever thought possible...even with all the evidence to the contrary. Today he crossed it.

It's taken me most of the evening to calm down. Not only did he bring up the painful subject of Hitler to the people who most suffered from him, he did it as a political play, a swipe at Obama. That alone would be shameful enough, and you have to give the Democrats credit for responding forcefully to such a sordid long distance swiftboat attempt. But worst of all, he did it with the full knowledge that his own grandfather, Prescott Bush, helped make the Nazi death camps a reality with his bank's financial backing. He did it with the knowledge that his own family profited from the evils of Nazism and Fascism and that he has applied those familial lessons to his own continued march to enrich himself at the expense of others.

I could go on but instead I suggest you read the best commentary I read today from one of my favorite bloggers, Larisa Alexandrovna. As usual she hits it right on his evil, fucking head. All the President's Nazis.

Flies On The Wall #45


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mia and Jocko

I'm used to the horrible things that people do to each other. I grew up hearing about them. I've lived long enough to see and experience some of them for myself. One might say I've developed a sort of insular tolerance to humanity's inhumanity to itself. Others might say it's how I survive as a sentient being in a world that brutalizes those who feel. It doesn't really matter all that much since I've come to accept the world around me as an entity that is not always reflective of the me that I am, the me that prefers compassion to intolerance, love to hatred, peace to war, and a good honest friendship over a superficial relationship of any kind.

Yes, I've come to accept that humans in many cases simply suck. And yesterday I had that verified. I never met Jocko but I do value as friends some who loved him. And I'm horrified that this gentle little creature who drew so many into his little spirit is now dead at the hands of some awful person. He was protecting Mia who is now missing. He died trying to save a little spider monkey who is very much missed. He died horribly and I've wept on and off for him all day, for the awful things human do to innocent creatures, for the helplessness and innocence of love that gets destroyed by monstrous human beings.

Please click on Mia's name and help find her. My friends Peer and Victoria Winter who volunteer at the zoo and are friends with all the animals, especially loved this little monkey and his friend Mia. They've put up a 5, 000 dollar reward for her return. If you have any information at all, please click on this link and let someone know. You'll find the contact information there.

And please world, I have a request and that is to please be kind to one another, please treat each other nicer, please love more, please help make this a world where things like this don't happen so much.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Flies On The Wall #44